Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – and Discover Yourself

We offer an integrative, science based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness. Focusing on each patient’s biochemical uniqueness we are able to tailor their healing process to restore optimal physiological, psychological and structural balance.



Starting Your Journey

Don’t you wish your doctor knew who you were before you stepped into the office? That’s our standard of care here at Golden Cabinet!

Before your first visit, our team will speak to you on the phone, to learn more about you and ensure that Golden Cabinet is right for you. Questions we will go over include:

  • How did you learn about us?
  • What brings you to us? What are your health concerns or symptoms?
  • What are your expectations for the session and for your progress?
  • What do you need to be ready for this journey?
  • What are the costs? How may insurance be used to cover some lab tests? (Unfortunately, our other services are not currently covered by insurance.)

This is your chance to ask questions of us, so don’t be shy!

Before Your First Session

Your body. Your mind. Your spirit. Your path. Every journey is different, but we are here to guide you every step of the way.

If you have them available, please send any recent (3-6 months) lab test results.

Your First Session

Dr. Drew will have reviewed your initial phone screening, new patient information, and prior test results, but he will want to get to know you. This 60-minute session will help us to know you better, as well as give you a chance to ask more questions.

We will also complete a metabolic analysis, take your blood pressure, and gather any other required information to start to build a personalized program.

Your Personal Program

Dr. Drew will create a prescription for lab tests based on the initial consultation, patient concerns, and any prior blood work. We work with federally certified outside labs to complete these tests. Insurance may cover some of these lab costs.

In many cases, while waiting for lab results, Dr. Drew will prescribe a 21-day cleanse, which will help kick-start your progress. Our patients report incredible results from this alone.

A Comprehensive Health Journey

Once the lab results are available, Dr. Drew will share with you a comprehensive lab review, along with recommendations for an ongoing program. This detailed qualitative and quantitative education is like getting a PhD in your personal health.

Dr. Drew will work with you to create a complete health and wellness protocol based on all of the above. These “essential action steps,” when followed over time, will achieve measurable results.

Periodic follow-ups are recommended, with a comprehensive retest usually three to six months following the initial plan. At that time, and periodically thereafter, we will amend the protocol to achieve maximum results. If something isn’t working, we will adjust it. If you need additional support, we will make it available.

Find the Path That is Right for You

Every individual is unique. So too is every journey to optimized health and vitality, with multiple paths along the way. We encourage our patients to choose the path that is right for them.

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All of our nutritional supplements and products are tested for efficacy and quality by third parties. Moreover, we won’t create or sell a product that we do not use ourselves.

Consultation with Dr. Drew

For the best results, we encourage everyone to meet with Dr. Drew, get an initial set of lab tests, and start to work together on a program that will be successful.

21-Day Cleanse

This is a great jumpstart to a new program or to a new year.

Personalized Program

Dr. Drew will integrate quantitative and qualitative data to create a custom program just for you. And he will continue to refine this program as you get results, hit plateaus, or encounter obstacles. This is where a “wellness sherpa” is most valuable.

Golden Cabinet Family

Our patients are part of our family. And, while every program is unique, we see even better results when friends and family members join you on the journey. We encourage loved ones to learn, participate, and support one another, so each of us can achieve results.

Golden Cabinet Support Team

Our entire team is here to help. Our front desk staff are always available for support via email and calls – quick (0-5 minute) conversations are free as part of your program. And additional support from Dr. Drew or one of his colleagues is just a step away.