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A Door to
Optimum Wellness

Leading you on a path to deeper understanding of mind, body, and spirit

Backed by science and years of experience, we offer state-of-the-art diagnostics, personalized plans and guidance, and complementary services to help you achieve optimal health and wellness

Dr. Drew Francis inside the room

Dr. Drew Francis

Dr. Drew has 30 years of experience as a “wellness sherpa,” guiding patients on their personal health journeys. Integrating Eastern and Western medicine, including world-class functional lab tests and personalized consultations, his mission is to reverse the epidemic of chronic disease, one patient at a time.


Root Cause Medicine is Functional Medicine

The Golden Cabinet philosophy is that medical care is a personalized approach to health. That no two individuals are the same. Even when they have been given the same diagnosis.  It is the constellation of your subjective complaints that guide the unique treatment strategy for your healing.

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Root Cause Medicine is Functional Medicine

Biochemical individuality is the hallmark of your uniqueness. Our approach is to do a thorough intake and timeline for each new patient’s complaints. We hear all their concerns without having a clinical bias and a premature, potentially wrong diagnosis. This intake takes time and the patient realizes that the Doctor has genuine concern for the patient in front of them.  To get to the root cause we ask extensive questions which includes genetic makeup, family health histories, nutrition (actually inquiring what you eat each day), digestion, sleep, exercise, stress, environmental toxic exposures, and social relationships. Yes indeed, the functional medicine doctor is a medical detective.

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Root Cause Medicine is Functional Medicine

Remember, you’re a well orchestrated integrated whole of body, mind and spirit that has to be maintained like a fine automobile. We will use the latest diagnostic tools, laboratory testing that goes beyond your general physical exam with your physician. This enables us to identify the critical imbalances that cause dis-ease. Treatment remedies are to educate the patient about their imbalances via the lab findings and utilize a non-pharmacological approach (whenever possible) to create your radiant health.

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Science-Based Nutrition

We don’t prescribe pills to treat illness. We recommend nutritional products to address lab-validated deficiencies and optimize your health and wellness.

All of our nutritional supplements and products are tested for efficacy and quality by third parties. Moreover, we won’t create or sell a product that we do not use ourselves.

Drew Francis & Kristin Pressman

Cross-Disciplinary Approach

No Doctor is an island to themselves. At The Golden Cabinet, there is a symbiotic relationship between a Functional Medicine and Acupuncture expert and a Board Certified Western trained Family Medicine Doctor. After 30 years of clinical experience, there are often necessary referrals to the top tier medical specialists that are sometimes required for each individual’s unique presentation. It takes a village of real Doctors who care about you.

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Inside the Golden Cabinet, you will discover…

an integrated team of practitioners, each experts in their fields, who tailor their healing processes to restore optimal physiological, psychological, and structural balance – in collaboration with your own primary care and specialist physicians


“Your genes are your blueprint. Lifestyle, nutrition, and environmental exposures create your Health or Disease.”
– Dr Drew



“Dr. Drew’s integrative approach is able to analyze your bloodwork, incorporate lifestyle changes including detoxing, supplements, herbs, stress relief, acupuncture and massage. His process has been the best thing I have ever done. He was able to identify things I needed to change to achieve optimal balance for pregnancy. Not only is Dr. Drew an incredibly knowledgeable doctor, but he is such a kind, genuine, and positive soul. I looked forward to my appt every Friday. He took so much time and was super detail oriented. His staff is also amazing. Always pleasant and helpful. You can’t go wrong with Golden Cabinet Medical.”

Pamelyn R, 34 yrs old


“Dr. Drew Francis and the entire staff at the Golden Cabinet are dedicated to patient health and wellness. I’ve been going to the Golden Cabinet for 20 years and between acupuncture, diet, cleanses, supplements and so much more… I am significantly healthier physically, mentally and emotionally than I was before I benefited from their expertise and care. Simply put, they are the most effective and nicest group of health care professionals I have ever experienced or heard about. If you want to feel better…visit the Golden Cabinet.”

John W, 57 yrs old


“I saw Dr. Drew in 2017 for preventative medicine as I have a family history of cancer on both sides of my family. After completing a bunch of functional medicine testing, we determined I have the MTHFR gene defect (along with some food sensitivities and leaky gut syndrome). I was overwhelmed with the information at first, but Dr. Drew took the time to educate me on the lab results and explained how I can protect myself through nutrition and lifestyle changes. I am so grateful I found the Golden Cabinet!”

Nicole B, 28 yrs old


“I have been a patient of Dr. Drew’s for over 10 years. Dr. Drew is professional and very knowledgeable in both Eastern and Western approaches to treating acute and chronic pain and promoting a healthy lifestyle. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and makes you feel comfortable. I always look forward to coming to Golden Cabinet for my treatment as the energy in the office is very positive and relaxing.”

May Y, 47 yrs old


“About 2 years ago I asked my client what was her secret to looking and feeling so good after traveling back and forth from NYC to Seattle almost weekly. She answered, Dr. Drew Francis. From that moment I started going to Golden Cabinet and my life changed for the better. I met Dr Drew and did all the tests. I’m now on a protocol that will be preventative to my health rather than popping pills when the problem hits. Dr. Drew is so incredibly knowledgeable in all things health and life. His products are the best of the best in the market.”

Helena S, 37 yrs old


“Dr. Drew Francis is the most friendliest, kindest and thoughtful doctor I have ever seen in my life. He does not only care about your individual visit, he cares about you as an individual. He pays attention to your lifestyle, takes notes of what you eat, monitoring your daily routine, etc. Making sure you are at your best shape to live your life. My health is getting so much better under his supervision.”

Chris H, 41 yrs old


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